In December 2016 Mrs Martha Alipui visited a church in Adenta a Sub-burb in Accra Ghana with an assignment to share the good news of the gospel and donate to the widows of that church. In the course of this, she interacted with a lady who had 7 children she could hardly take care of. She had inherited these children through the death of their parents, Martha gave her the last few cedis she had. This meeting was the turning point in the life of Martha Alipui, she had had many dreams and visions of God calling her to take care of the less privileged and orphaned children in the society. With the help of her husband who gave her an accommodation to house the said lady and the 7 children she had earlier met, she begun building a foster home dedicated to rescuing orphaned and less privileged children in society, In June 2017 Amazing Shepherd Foster Home was born. Over the few months though very young we have become very active in working with the Social Welfare Department in our community, to rescue and help the less privileged children. In December of 2017 God led Martha to help and empower the widows and single mothers whose children are under the care of the foster home with her little resources to start a trade of their desire. Today amazing Shepherd has 19 children, 2 permanent staff, 6 widows and single mothers established in a trade.

Our Vision


Mission Statement

Provide loving, nurturing, Christ-centered environment for underprivileged children. Identify single and homeless mothers of these children to empower them, thereby help with the reintegration process.

Child Protection

The children are safe in a secured environment, with sefless caretakers taking good care of them.


Single mothers have been set up in a trade to make them financially sound, thereby facilitating the reintegration of some these children back with their mothers.


We try our best to support these kids by providing food, shelter, good health and education. But we cannot do all this without your generous support. To donate, please view our contact information at the contact page.


""I am the mother of a child living under the care of Amazing Shepherd Home. My husband left for a trip 5 years ago and never returned. I became homeless, unemployed and could barely feed or educate my son. Last year, I was introduced to Amazing Shepherd Home. They took in my son to care for him and have enrolled him into school. Two months ago, the mission set me up in a trade and gave me a place to stay. God bless this mission""

Gifty Osei - Mother

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We Do Try To Make All The Children Here Happy

Changing an underprivileged child’s future through the love of God and family. Our pride is to have a world where every child experiences the promises of Christ. Where they are protected, cared for and given the opportunities to become all God meant them to be. Growing strong in their respective communities thereby bringing definite changes to their nation. Where single and homeless mothers of these children are empowered with employable skills to help cater for their children, to help in their reintegration.